9 Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

Barcelona is a vibrant city filled with art, culture, and plenty of activities for children to enjoy. The city offers a range of exciting opportunities for families to have fun together. In this article, we will explore eight fun things to do with children in Barcelona. 

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

1.Cosmo Caixa science museum


Cosmo Caixa Science Museum, CosmoCaixa, the Science Museum of the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation, is the most visited science museum in Spain.  In total, 1,045,961 people, of which more than 186,199 were schoolchildren.

It is a great place for children and my favorite museum in Barcelona. If you ask me, this interactive science museum is the best choice for a rainy day in Barcelona with children and a good alternative if you like to escape the sun on a hot summer day. It is a very popular place but it never seems crowded. It will take you at least a few hours to check out everything inside.

A few of many great things to see at the museum are, The Flooded Forest representing a fragment of the Brazilian Amazon forest. Also, the 3D Planetary is a great experience for young and old, here you discover the universe as you have never seen it before, coming to life in a 3D movie projected on a parabowl shaped screen above your head as it feels as you were looking at the sky.

It also has  The Geological Wall  made up of seven large real pieces originated by different geological processes, which have contributed to model the structure of our planet. Many science experiments and interactive games, collection of butterfly´s, insects , stones, etc…

Price around  €5 p.p.

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

2.Tibidabo Amusement Park

Amusement park Tibidabo in Barcelona

Tibidabo Amusement Park is Spain’s oldest amusement park, the second oldest in Europe, and one of the first ever built in the world. Since it opened in 1901, its rides and attractions have been renewed and extended along with its amenities, including cafés, panoramic restaurants, play areas, and lively entertainment.

It is another place not visited by many tourists but a place your children will love. What makes it unique is, of course, the park itself with a mix of old-fashioned attractions combined with new ones. But also the view is amazing as you look over Barcelona as it is located on the highest hill in the city named the Tibidabo. It is possible to visit a big part of the amusement park without paying admission as this is only charged when you are planning to use the attractions.

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

3.Aquarium of Barcelona


Aquarium of Barcelona, with a diameter of 36 meters and a depth of 5 metres, it contains almost 4 million liters of water. It houses species as diverse as giltheads, moray eels, ocean sunfish, rays and two types of shark: the sand tiger shark and the sandbar shark, in total displaying about 11,000 animals belonging to 450 different species.

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

4. Guided bike tour for kids

guided bike tour for kids in Barcelona

Another fun activity to do with your kids in Barcelona is a guided bicycle tour. Not only is cycling a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, but it’s also a fantastic way to see the sights and experience more. With a guided tour, we explore some of the most beautiful and historic areas of Barcelona. Perry Tours offers daily guided bicycle tours with combined groups or private tours. If you are traveling with children younger than 14, then a fun family bike tour is well recommended.

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

El forum Barcelona

The Forum Park situates itself on the end of the Barcelona coastline. The park was built for the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures, only 20 minutes by metro from the city center. It has a kid´s park, swimming area and lots of open space.

It´s never busy there. ( besides the summer festivals organized there few times a year) It is a great place if you want to escape the busy city center and give your kids the space to play. It is a public park so no entrance fee is asked. There is also a very nice and very big museum there which is free every first Sunday of the month. Museum Blau is all about natural science. Another nice way to go there is with a rental bicycle, as it is one straight line of 7km near the beach, perfect for kids. 

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

6.The mountain of the Montjuic

Illa Fantasia

Many times the mountain is ignored on the first visit to Barcelona. But it is well worth visiting it as it is a strong contrast with the busy city life. It is green, has a little traffic, and is home to the Olympic stadium and Olympic Swimming pool (which in the summertime is open as a public swimming pool) with amazing views.

Getting on the Montjuic is easy with public transport, the green line getting off at paral-lel from there you can take the funicular with the same ticket arriving halfway on the mountain. Great place for walks with children. You can also get off at Plaza Espanya and take the electric staircases up. A few evenings a week there is a must-visit magic fountain show free of charge.

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

7.The labyrinth park la Horta

The Labyrint-Barcelona , Things to do with kids in Barcelona

The labyrinth park la Horta is situated 20 minutes from the city center by metro L3 to Mundet. The Laberint d’Horta park is a museum garden. The museum approach is reflected in the dual Neoclassical-Romantic route. The entire Parc del Laberint is divided into the traditional park and the romantic garden. It is another great spot to enjoy the peace. 

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

8.Port Aventura

Port aventura with kids

A bit more expensive but good fun is the Port Aventura attraction park in Tarragano about 1.50 min. by car from the city center. The park has three themes to choose from, Port Aventura Park, Port Aventura Caribbean Aqua Park, or Ferrari Land including hotels and restaurants if you like to stay for a few days.

Fun things to do with children in Barcelona

9.Illa Fantasia

Fun Activity for kids

Illa Fantasia, a waterpark situated 30 minutes from Barcelona city center.

The park has 22 iconic attractions, three large swimming pools, wave pools and a lake, plus restaurants and landscaped areas for picnics. There’s also a children’s play area for children from 2-10 years.

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