Where to find good bike rentals in Barcelona?

Good bike rentals in Barcelona

Bike Rental Barcelona - Discover the Best Bike Rental Options in Barcelona

Whether you want to experience the bustling Ramblas, cruise the charming streets of El Born, or simply soak up the Mediterranean sun in Barceloneta, renting a bike in Barcelona opens the doors to a fun journey of discovery. With the growing popularity and increasing cycling safety in Barcelona you will find a rich choice of bicycle rental shops and companies. In addition, technology offers the convenience of bicycle rental via an easy-to-use app on your phone.

Curious about the cycling culture in Barcelona and how you can explore the city in a unique way? Then be sure to take a look at our blog post ‘Is Barcelona a cycling city?’ for more insights and tips.

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Barcelona?

Compared to other means of transport, the cost of renting a bicycle in Barcelona is good value. You can often rent a bicycle for a few euros a day. The prices for bicycle rental fluctuate between €5 and €12 per day.

Extra Options: Cycling for Everyone!

Rent a bike in Barcelona with child seat

Are you traveling with children? No problem! Many rental companies offer bicycles with child seats up to 22kg, as well as children’s bicycles from 5 years old so that the whole family can enjoy the ride. You can also rent a bicycle with a child seat from us, we use the prices below and the price for a child seat is €5. Rent a cargo bike in Barcelona? This is possible at Bike Rental Barcelona. If you prefer to cycle with a guide, take a look at the Barcelona Highlights bicycle tour or the bicycle tour for children with a private guide in Barcelona.

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Barcelona e bike rental

Barceloneta with its beautiful beach and lively boulevards is an ideal place to rent a bike and discover the coastline. If you are staying in Barceloneta, you can rent a bicycle here at Rent-Bike-BCN. In the Gothic Quarter, you can go to e-bike rent.

Barcelona e bike rental price?

Bicycle rental app in Barcelona

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24/7 Easy Bike Rental in Barcelona

How to rent a e bike via a mobile app in Barcelona?

Did you know that you can now have a 24/7 easy Bike Rental in Barcelona for a ebike with just a few taps on your smartphone? Barcelona embraces technology and several companies offer residents and visitors the opportunity to rent a bicycle quickly and easily via various apps. The rental costs are based on how long you use the bicycle. The rates can be viewed via the app and you can find an available bicycle by selecting on the digital map.

24/7 Easy Bike Rental in Barcelona

The process is simple:

  1. download the app
  2. enter your details
  3. search for an available
  4. bicycle in your area
  5. scan the QR code
  6. start your ride through the picturesque streets of the city.

RATES AND PAYMENT OPTIONS for 24/7 Easy Bike Rental in Barcelona

Before you can set off with your bike, you must add a payment method to your account: a credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay. The costs for individual rides depend on the duration of your ride. You can view the rates by clicking on the desired vehicle on the map in the app. Always make sure that your phone is charged, otherwise you will not be able to log out at the end of the ride.

Good bike rentals in Barcelona

barcelona e bike rental

These are some of the companies offering app bike rental in Barcelona: Donkey Republic – RideMovi – Bolt – CooltraBicing

Rent a Donkey Republic e bike in Barcelona

Donkey Republic was an early player in the bicycle app rental market. They are a reliable option in Barcelona with a user-friendly app and a wide range of bicycles. The e-bikes are well maintained and equipped with a security system.

Rent a Ridemovi electric bicycle in Barcelona

RideMovi stands out with their range of contemporary designed ebikes that meet urban mobility needs. These electric bicycles are of high quality and guarantee a safe and enjoyable cycling experience. The electric bicycles are equipped with a security system including an intelligent lock and an integrated anti-theft alarm.

Rent a Bolt bike in Barcelona

Bolt is known for its user-friendly interface and reliable service. The electric bikes themselves are well maintained and suitable for navigating the lively streets of Barcelona. Also equipped with a security system and intelligent lock.

Rent a bicycle with the SMOU app from Bicing

Bicing also known as Smou or as “the red bicycles in Barcelona” is mainly intended as a supplement to public transport and not for tourist or recreational use. For registration, you need a Spanish NIE number and address in Spain.

These bicycles are comparable to the public transport bicycles in the Netherlands and with a choice of both traditional and electric models, the Bicing bicycles make city life more dynamic and greener.

Where to park your bike in Barcelona?

Make sure you always park your bicycle neatly in a bicycle shed or on a bicycle rack. It is in fact illegal to attach bicycles to street furniture, trees, or traffic lights. Check out this handy map to find the best parking spots for your bike in Barcelona.

With rental bicycles you have a greater chance of being fined if you do not park the bicycle in the correct location. Rental bicycles are provided with a registration number, so in the event of a fine the rental company can check who the last renter was. In the event of a violation, the fine will be forwarded to this tenant.

Is it safe to park your bike on the street in Barcelona?

Parking your bike on the street in Barcelona can be safe but it very much depends on the location and how you secure the bike. It is advisable to always park your bicycle in an official bicycle shed or on a designated bicycle rack. Use a sturdy lock to prevent theft. Good locks are always provided for rental bicycles.

The Best Areas to Rent a Bike

barcelona e bike rental

Where to rent a bike Barceloneta Barcelona

Barceloneta with its beautiful beach and lively boulevards is an ideal place to rent a bike and discover the coastline. If you are staying in Barceloneta, you can rent a bicycle here Rent-Bike-BCN 

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Where to rent a bike Eixample Barcelona?

Eixample is known for its modernist architecture and wide streets. It is a pleasure to cycle through this neighborhood and admire the beautiful buildings such as Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. If you are staying in Eixampla, you can rent a bicycle here Rentabike.

Where to rent a bike El Born Barcelona?

This historic district with narrow streets and car-free squares is rich in culture and ready to be discovered by bike. El Born is famous for its Gothic buildings, cozy bars and restaurants. If you would like to rent a bicycle in the Gothic Quarter, send us a message via Whatsapp or book via our booking form.

Gracia Barcelona, where to rent a bike?

Gracia is known  for its bohemian atmosphere. This district, also built as a village, was absorbed by the city over the years, but still has the appearance and sensation of a village. This place is also known for its car-free streets and squares and is especially known among the locals. If you would like to rent a bicycle in this neighborhood, you can do so Rent a Bike Barcelona.

Las Ramblas, where to rent a bike?

The Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona. It is also the perfect place to go by bike thanks to its central location and the many sights around. Riviera Bike Rental  is located close to Las Ramblas.


Renting a bike in Barcelona is a great way to explore the city. Whether you want to cruise along the Ramblas, soak up the sun in Barceloneta, or explore the historic districts of El Born and Gracia, there is a cycling route for everyone. A wide range of bike rental companies, affordable prices, and good infrastructure make cycling in Barcelona a must-do for every visitor. 

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