Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs

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Barcelona where to go out at night – best nightclubs. Barcelona another city that never sleeps has a well-deserved reputation for having some of the best nightlife in Europe.

Dive into the pulsating heart of Catalonia’s capital, where the night comes alive with an energy that’s as captivating as the city itself. Barcelona, a place where history and modernity dance under the moonlit sky, offers an unparalleled nightlife experience that beckons travelers and locals alike. From the Gothic Quarter’s hidden gems to the glitzy clubs of Port Olímpic, Barcelona’s nightclubs are legendary, each telling its own unique story through music, dance, and unforgettable encounters. This blog post invites you on a journey through the vibrant streets of Barcelona to explore the very soul of its nightclubs.

Frequently asked questions about clubbing in Barcelona

Best time to go out in Barcelona?

Barcelona’s nightlife truly comes alive when the bars close, typically around 3 am. This is when the city’s nightclubs start buzzing with energy. However many clubs/discotheques offer free entrance before midnight. 

What time do clubs close in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, the pulse of the night beats long into the early hours, with most clubs keeping their doors wide open until at least 6 am, and often even beyond.

What is the most famous nightclub in Barcelona?

Razzmatazz, affectionately known as ‘Razz’ by locals and enthusiasts alike, stands out as a titan in Barcelona’s nightclub scene. Boasting an impressive layout that with five distinct spaces and a capacity to welcome over 3,000 party-goers, it has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of the city’s vibrant nightlife since its grand opening in 2000. Razzmatazz is not just famous for its expansive floors and eclectic music genres; it’s also revered for the stellar lineup of global music icons and groundbreaking DJs that have graced its stages. 

How much does drinks cost in the clubs / discotheques of Barcelona?

In Barcelona, the cost of drinks in nightclubs can vary widely based on the venue’s location, popularity, and the type of event being hosted. However, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from €5 to €12 for a beer, while cocktails and mixed drinks typically range from €10 to €15 or more. Premium drinks, special cocktails, and drinks purchased at more exclusive clubs or during special events may command higher prices. It’s always a good idea to check the club’s menu or ask for prices before ordering to avoid any surprises.

What should I wear to a nightclub in Barcelona?

Even though the dress code is generally relaxed, it’s always recommended to lean towards smarter attire. While some clubs may not object to men wearing shorts, opting for smart dress is a safer choice. It’s important to steer clear of sandals or flip-flops, as most clubs prefer more polished footwear.

How can I avoid long lines at popular nightclubs?

Consider purchasing tickets in advance online; many clubs offer this option, which often includes priority entry. Arrive early, right when the club opens. Additionally, exploring VIP or table service options might come with a higher price tag but usually guarantees swift, queue-free entry. Lastly, being on the guest list can also provide a smoother entrance, so check if the club has any promotional events or guest list privileges that you can take advantage of. By planning ahead and considering these tips, you can enjoy Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife with minimal waiting.

Also, check Barcelona Night Card with free access for two nights €10 or free access for 7 days €20, you will have Fast-track entrance into Barcelona’s top clubs and discotheques with just one ticket.

You can get into different types of clubs for two or seven nights running depending on the type of music you want to listen to. 

With just one card you’ll be able to get into Barcelona’s most fashionable nightclubs:

Aire, Arena Sala Classic, Arena Sala Madre, Bikini Barcelona, Boulevard Culture Club, Catwalk, City Hall Dance Club Concept, Club Costa Breve, Hyde Club, La Terrazza, Les Enfants, Luz de Gas, Macarena Music Club, Mirablau Barcelona, Moog, Oak Club Barcelona, Opium Barcelona, Otto Zutz Club, Pacha Barcelona, Pacha Sitges, The Bunker, Sala B, Sala Tango, Slow Club, Small’s Barcelona, Soho the Club, Sutton Club, Shôko Restaurant Lounge Club and Up&Down/Lover Barcelona.

Are there any age restrictions for entering nightclubs in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, as in many parts of the world, nightclubs have age restrictions to comply with local laws and regulations. Typically, the minimum age for entry into nightclubs in Barcelona is 18 years old, aligning with Spain’s legal age for alcohol consumption. This means that to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and enter these establishments, individuals need to be at least 18 and should be prepared to show a valid ID as proof of age.

Is it safe to go to nightclubs in Barcelona?

Barcelona is renowned for its lively nightlife and bustling club scene, attracting visitors from around the globe. Generally speaking, going to nightclubs in Barcelona is considered safe. However, as with any popular tourist destination, it’s important to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings. The city takes safety seriously, with most reputable nightclubs implementing strict security measures, including ID checks and security personnel on site to ensure a safe environment for all patrons.

To maximize your safety, it’s advisable to stick with well-known and reputable venues, keep an eye on your belongings, avoid accepting drinks from strangers, and stay in groups if possible. Additionally, planning your transportation ahead of time, whether it’s booking a taxi or using public transport, can help ensure a safe return from your night out. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife that Barcelona has to offer with peace of mind.

Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs

Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs

Music: As Pacha Barcelona is part of the worldwide notoriety brand it is easy to attract the best national and international DJs from the current music scene.

 DJ´s as  Bob Sinclar, Robbie Rivera, and Claptone have all brought there beats to the dancefloor and also Luciano, Davide Squillace or even Sven Väth have done so in the Sight nights.

Pacha, initially started on the island of Ibiza in the late ’60s, has spread across the world as a symbol of premium nightlife. The Barcelona establishment breathes the same free spirit and passion for music and has been a haven for night owls and music enthusiasts for decades.

Practical Information:
  • Opening Hours: Pacha Barcelona typically welcomes guests around 11:00 PM, and the party continues until the early hours of 5:00 AM.
  • Music Genre: From electronic dance music to hip-hop and R&B, Pacha’s DJs deliver a varied soundtrack that satisfies every taste.
  • Prices: Entrance fees vary depending on the night and events, starting at an average rate of €20, including one drink.
  • Accessibility: Located at Port Olímpic, it’s easily accessible by public transport or taxi. There’s ample parking for those coming by car.

Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs

Barcelona where to go at night best clubs

Music: Every party has its own stipulated musical style. On Mondays, Nasty Mondays bets on hits, indie-rock and pop.

When Crappy Tuesdays opens on Tuesday, it focuses on the purest indie sound, while Caníbal, on Wednesdays, focuses on the urban sounds of trap, dancehall, afrobeat and even reggaeton.

Cupcake brings back the pop and commercial sound aimed at university audiences and, on weekends, Nitsa Club brings the best underground electronic producers and DJs from the international scene to Barcelona.

Sala Apolo, originally a theatre in the early 20th century, has evolved through the decades to become one of Barcelona’s most iconic nightclubs. Its walls, steeped in history, have witnessed the evolution of music and nightlife culture, making it a must-visit destination for those looking to experience the soul of Barcelona’s night scene.

Practical Information
  • Opening Hours: Embrace the night with Apolo, which opens its doors from 11:00 PM until the early hours, welcoming guests to dance the night away till 5:00 AM or later.
  • Music Genre: Apolo is celebrated for its diverse music policy, hosting nights that range from indie and electronic to reggae and techno, ensuring there’s something for every musical palate.
  • Prices: Entry fees are as varied as the music, starting at around €10 and can go up to €20 or more for special events, often including a drink in the price.
  • Accessibility: Conveniently located in the vibrant neighborhood of El Raval, Sala Apolo is easily accessible by metro (Paral·lel station), bus, or taxi, making it a hassle-free destination for an unforgettable night out.

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113, Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs

Opium Nightlife Barcelona

Music: Most of the most famous international DJs are used to playing in Opium Barcelona.

David Guetta, Tiesto, Avicii, and Armin van Buuren regularly pass through this venue every summer, helping Opium build a brand as one of the best nightclubs in Barcelona for EDM lovers.

Opium’s journey began as an ambitious venture to fuse dining, entertainment, and nightlife into a seamless experience, quickly ascending to become a must-visit destination for both locals and international jet-setters. With its sleek design and strategic location by the sea, Opium offers an unparalleled view of Barcelona’s coastline, making every night a spectacle.

Practical Information
  • Opening Hours: Ready to welcome the night in style, Opium opens its doors at 11:00 PM, keeping the party alive until the sun greets the Mediterranean Sea, usually around 6:00 AM.
  • Music Genre: The heart of Opium beats with electronic dance music, featuring renowned international DJs and talents that keep the dance floor vibrant with the latest hits and timeless classics.
  • Prices: Entrance fees vary, starting from €20, which often includes a complimentary drink, reflecting the premium experience Opium promises to its guests.
  • Accessibility: Located in the bustling area of Barceloneta, Opium is easily accessible by public transport (Metro L4 – Barceloneta or Ciutadella Vila Olímpica), bus, or taxi, offering convenience for those eager to dive into the night.
Music genre: HOUSE – HITS

Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs


Music: Razzclub, The Loft, Lolita, Pop Bar, Rex Room and the lounges 1, 2 and 3 are all part of the Razzmatazz club and have been witnesses to the best international and national artists in genres such as pop, rock and electronic music.

Artists such as David Byrne, Coldplay, Orbital, Pulp, The Strokes, Kanye West, Blur, Belle and Sebastian, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Kraftwerk, Paul Kalkbrenner, Justice or Skrillex, just to name a few, have performed in Razzmatazz.

Many came when they were barely known, taking the stage for the first time in Spain at Razzmatazz before becoming famous worldwide. Expect a social and non-pretentious atmosphere.

Razzmatazz’s journey began in the year 2000, making it a pilgrimage site for music lovers worldwide.

Practical Insights
  • Opening Hours: Ready to welcome the night owls of Barcelona, Razzmatazz opens its gates from 11:00 PM and keeps the party alive until the early morning light, around 6:00 AM.
  • Music Genre: A kaleidoscope of sound awaits inside, with rooms dedicated to an array of genres from indie rock and electronic to pop, hip-hop, and beyond. Razzmatazz’s eclectic programming ensures every visit offers a new auditory adventure.
  • Prices: Entry fees are as dynamic as the club’s music lineup, typically ranging from €15 to €25, which often includes a drink, varying by event and booking method.
  • Accessibility: Located in the vibrant Poblenou district, Razzmatazz is easily reachable by public transportation, with the Bogatell and Marina metro stations nearby, ensuring a smooth journey to and from the club.

Carrer Almogàvers, 122, Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs

INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club ​Barcelona

Music: The fact that different promoters cover the artistic program of the venue means that we can enjoy everything from techno options such as Ben Sims, Ben Klock or SNTS to melodic music artists such as Worakls, Konstantin Sibold or Edu Imbernon, without forgetting the groove of Jamie Jones, Hot Since 82 or Los Suruba.

INPUT opened its doors with a mission: to offer an unparalleled auditory experience. It prides itself on its state-of-the-art sound system, designed to envelop guests in high fidelity beats. This dedication to sound quality has made INPUT a pilgrimage site for audiophiles and electronic music aficionados alike.

Practical Information
  • Opening Hours: The club welcomes guests from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM, crafting the perfect backdrop for night-long escapades.
  • Music Genre: INPUT is celebrated for its electronic and techno beats, hosting a roster of renowned international DJs and emerging talents who lead the dance floor on a journey through sound.
  • Prices: Admission varies by event, typically ranging from €15 to €25, often including a drink. Special events may have different pricing.
  • Accessibility: Located in Montjuïc’s historic Poble Espanyol, INPUT is easily reachable by public transport (metro and bus), with ample parking nearby for those driving.


Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 13, Barcelona, Spain


Dancing in La terazza Barcelona

La Terraza Barcelona open-air club in BARCELONA

Music: Here, you can find a good selection of electronic music. La Terrazza has been making Barcelona’s people dance for more than 20 years with artists like Magda, Format B, Moscoman, Derrick May or Raxon.

La Terraza, with its inception rooted in the early 2000s, quickly rose to fame for its distinctive outdoor setting and panoramic views of Barcelona. This enchanting venue, nestled atop one of the city’s picturesque hills, provides a magical backdrop for unforgettable nights.

Practical Information
  • Opening Hours: Revel under the moonlight from midnight until the sun greets the early morning, typically around 6:00 AM.
  • Music Genre: La Terraza is renowned for its eclectic mix of electronic, house, and techno beats, curated by both local talents and international DJs.
  • Prices: Entry fees vary by event, usually ranging from €15 to €25, which often includes a complimentary drink, making every visit worth the experience.
  • Accessibility: Located in the heart of Barcelona, La Terraza is easily accessible by public transportation or taxi, ensuring a smooth journey to and from this enchanting venue.



Barcelona where to go out at night - best nightclubs


Music: Sutton has two rooms. One is for electronic hits, dance music and the best EDM of the moment. The other one is for that music called “Pachanga”. With reggaeton as its main weapon, they’ll make you dance until 6 am.

Established with the vision of creating an unparalleled elegant nightlife experience, Sutton quickly rose to fame, attracting celebrities, business tycoons, and the fashion elite. Its reputation for strict entry policies and VIP services has made it a symbol of exclusivity and luxury in Barcelona.

Practical Information
  • Opening Hours: Open from Thursday to Saturday, Sutton invites guests to indulge in a night of decadence from 12:00 AM until 6:00 AM.
  • Music Genre: The club boasts a diverse musical offering, with a focus on commercial house, hip hop, and top 40 hits, catered to please its elite clientele.
  • Prices: Entry fees and table reservations reflect the club’s exclusive nature, with prices starting from €20 and escalating based on the event and table service chosen.
  • Accessibility: Located in the upscale area of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Sutton Club is easily reachable by taxi, metro, or bus, offering convenience to its esteemed guests.
Shôko discotheca in Barcelona

Beachfront clubs in Barcelona – Dining and dancing Barcelona

Music: Regarding the music style, Shôko offers hip-hop, RnB and EDM nights. The club has received top-notch international artists such as Kaaris, Lil Wayne, Quintino, Borgeous and many more.

Opening its doors to the public, SHOKO has quickly risen through the ranks to become a staple in Barcelona’s nightlife scene. With its Asian-inspired decor and philosophy that every night should be an unforgettable story, SHOKO has set itself apart as a venue with character and charm.

Practical Information
  • Opening Hours: SHOKO welcomes guests from the evening until dawn, transitioning from a serene dining atmosphere to a pulsating dance floor as the night progresses.
  • Music Genre: The club is renowned for its eclectic mix, ranging from top 40 hits to electronic beats, ensuring a rhythm for every soul.
  • Prices: While dining at SHOKO offers a range of prices depending on the dish, the nightclub experience is marked by competitive entry fees that often include a drink, starting from around €15.
  • Accessibility: Perfectly situated on the Barceloneta beachfront, SHOKO is conveniently accessible by public transportation, with ample parking for those who prefer driving.
Bikini nightlife club in Barcelona

Music: On Saturday nights, NOM lets the tribal, melodic, and deep house conquer the place. On other nights, Bikini offers commercial music in a less serious atmosphere than usual.

On Saturdays, Bikini brings together electronic music lovers aged between 25 and 35 or even 40.

Since its inception, Bikini has witnessed the ebb and flow of musical trends, adapting and thriving through each era. Its walls resonate with the echoes of past decades, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair that attracts a diverse crowd.

Practical Insights
  • Opening Hours: Ready to welcome revelers most nights, Bikini opens its doors at 11:00 PM, with the party stretching into the early hours until around 5:00 AM, depending on the event.
  • Music Genre: Bikini prides itself on a diverse musical offering, from the latest hits in pop and electronic to nostalgic tunes that transport you back in time. Special themed nights ensure there’s something for every taste.
  • Prices: Entry fees are competitive, with prices typically ranging from €15 to €25, including a drink. Special events and guest DJ nights might have higher pricing, so checking in advance is recommended.
  • Accessibility: Located conveniently with easy access by public transport, Bikini is a short distance from major metro and bus lines, making it easily accessible for both locals and tourists.



Music: Every night spins hip-hop, RnB and commercial and house hits at the hands of local resident DJs.

This is the place to come to feel Barcelona’s highlife party style. Located in the Gràcia neighborhood, the venue follows the same classy atmosphere as the popular beach clubs, minus the hordes of international tourists. 

Originally a textile factory, Otto Zutz reimagined its space to become a sanctuary of sound and style. Over the years, it has maintained its reputation by hosting unforgettable nights featuring a mix of musical genres, from hip-hop and R&B to the latest electronic and pop hits, catering to a wide array of musical tastes.

Practical Essentials
  • Opening Hours: Otto Zutz invites guests to immerse in its electric atmosphere from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM, offering nights filled with music, dance, and celebration.
  • Music Genre: Embracing diversity in music, Otto Zutz delivers an eclectic mix, ensuring there’s a rhythm for every soul that steps through its doors.
  • Prices: Entry fees are designed to offer value, generally ranging from €15 to €20, which often includes a complimentary drink, making for an inviting night out.
  • Accessibility: Nestled in Gràcia, Otto Zutz is easily accessible by public transport, with nearby metro and bus options ensuring a smooth journey to and from the club.


Makarena-club and dancing

Music: Techno, electro, EBM, leftfield house, and disco. What is more difficult to find in Macarena is the massive big-room techno and the groovy tech-house that triumphs so much in big venues.

Macarena is looking for niche proposals for demanding eardrums. This nightclub has a legal capacity of 84 people.

Yes, it is a micro-club. There are several in Barcelona, but this is the best of them all: Funktion One sound and open seven days a week.

Macarena’s story began as a small venue that quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional sound quality and commitment to showcasing a wide spectrum of electronic music. From techno beats to house rhythms, the club has become synonymous with quality and diversity in music selection, attracting a dedicated following.

Nightly Revelries and Practical Details
  • Opening Hours: Macarena welcomes the night owls of Barcelona, opening its doors at midnight and keeping the party going until the early hours of 6:00 AM, providing a haven for those seeking to dance the night away.
  • Music Genre: Specializing in electronic music, Macarena offers an eclectic mix, from deep house to techno, featuring sets by renowned DJs and up-and-coming talent alike.
  • Prices: Entry fees are reasonable, reflecting the club’s inclusive ethos, with prices ranging from €10 to €20, often including a complimentary drink.
  • Accessibility: Tucked away in the Gothic Quarter, Macarena is easily accessible on foot from many central locations, with nearby public transportation options for those coming from afar.
Techno dancing in Barcelona Moog

Music: Techno. Mainly, industrial techno music at high revolutions and away from the most mainstream spotlights. Ah! And open every day. From Monday to Sunday. No exception.

The concept is the same: quality underground electronic music for the real experts in the techno genre.

MOOG’s humble beginnings trace back to its transformation from a rock venue to a temple of electronic music, swiftly becoming a pivotal spot for techno enthusiasts. Its two-floor setup, with a main room dedicated to techno and a smaller room offering a variety of electronic genres, encapsulates the spirit of Barcelona’s diverse music scene.

Essential Information
  • Opening Hours: MOOG opens its doors every night, welcoming the nocturnal souls from midnight until the early daylight at around 5:00 AM.
  • Music Genre: True to its roots, MOOG remains a sanctuary for techno, though its repertoire includes an array of electronic music styles, from house to electro and beyond.
  • Prices: Entrance fees are kept accessible, typically ranging from €10 to €15, making MOOG a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.
  • Accessibility: Conveniently located in the heart of Barcelona, near the famous La Rambla, MOOG is easily reachable by public transportation, with several metro and bus options nearby.
City hall nightlife club Barcelona

Music: CityHall is established with two main proposals.

One, faces the tourist public with remembered music and hits and the other, faces the fans of electronic music with some of the most current techno and minimal big-room proposals. CityHall is another club that opens (almost) every day.

Originally serving as a theatre, City Hall has maintained its architectural elegance while transforming into a modern nightlife destination. Its transition to a nightclub has added a new chapter to its storied past, making it a unique spot for those looking to experience the nightlife within a space that whispers tales of yesteryears.

Essential Information
  • Opening Hours: City Hall invites guests to immerse themselves in the night, opening from 12:00 AM until 5:00 AM, allowing for endless hours of dancing and enjoyment.
  • Music Genre: Catering to a diverse audience, City Hall showcases a variety of music, from electronic and techno to hip-hop and R&B nights, ensuring that every visitor finds their rhythm.
  • Prices: Entrance fees are designed to be accessible, typically ranging from €10 to €20, which may include a drink, offering value to those seeking a premium nightlife experience without the premium price tag.
  • Accessibility: Located in the heart of the city, City Hall is perfectly positioned for easy access. It’s within walking distance from many central points and is well-connected by public transportation, making it a convenient choice for both locals and tourists.


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