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Last updated on February 5, 2024

Welcome to the unique bike knowledge quiz, presented by Perry Tours! Located in the heart of Barcelona, Perry Tours is a leading company organizing specialized guided bike tours. Our love for biking extends beyond just offering tours; we are truly passionate about everything to do with biking. Biking for us is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle, an adventurous way to explore the city and uniquely experience the culture. With our experienced and enthusiastic guides, we want to share this passion by having you discover Barcelona’s hidden treasures on two wheels. Dive into our quiz now and test your knowledge about biking – from fun facts to history and unknown facts. Let’s celebrate together what makes biking so special!

Bike Quiz 2024 - how much do you know?


1- What is the most common reason people use bikes in cities?
A. To stay fit
B. For the environment
C. To save money
D. For recreation

2- Which country is known as the “bicycle country” because of its extensive bike paths and bike culture?
A. Denmark
B. The Netherlands
C. France
D. Germany

3- How many times can an average bike go around the world with the energy needed to produce a car?
A. 10 times
B. 50 times
C. 100 times
D. 5 times

4- Which invention is often considered the precursor of the modern bike?
A. The balance bike
B. The tandem bike C.
The draisine
D. The high-wheel bicycle

5- What was unique about the “high wheel” or “penny-farthing” bike?
A. It had an electric motor
B. It was made entirely of wood
C. The front wheel was much larger than the rear wheel
D. It had pneumatic tires

6- How many tires are produced worldwide annually for bikes?
A. About 100 million
B. About 2 billion
C. About 500 million
D. About 1 billion

7- What is the longest distance ever covered on a bike in one year?
A. Around 75,065 km
B. Around 80,000 km
C. Around 122,432 km
D. Around 100,000 km

8- What does the acronym BMX stand for?
A. Bicycle Motocross
B. Bike Maximum X-treme
C. Basic Motor Experiment
D. Bicycle Mountain Expedition

9- Who is considered the inventor of the modern bicycle with chain drive?
A. Leonardo da Vinci
B. John Kemp Starley
C. Karl Drais
D. Pierre Michaux

10- Which part of the bike was invented by John Boyd Dunlop?
A. The gear system
B. The brake
C. The pneumatic tire
D. The saddle

Bike Quiz 2024

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11- What is a peloton in cycling?
A. A type of bike
B. A solo rider
C. A main group of riders
D. A closing event

12- What is a bike ride called where participants dress up?
A. Bike rally
B. Tweed Run
C. Bike marathon
D. Cyclocross

13- What does the term “fixie” mean in the bike world?
A. A bike with a fixed gear system
B. A bike with automatic lighting
C. A bike with a fixed gear
D. A foldable bike

14- In which year was the first Tour de France held?
A. 1896
B. 1903
C. 1903
D. 1923

15- What is the main reason for using carbon fiber in bike frames?
A. To improve the color
B. For strength and lightweight
C. To save costs
D. For better shock absorption

16- What is a criterium in cycling?
A. A long-distance race
B. A time trial
C. A short, fast race on a closed circuit
D. A mountain climb

17- What is a bike design called where the rider pedals in a reclining position?
A. Tandem bike
B. Recumbent bike
C. Mountain bike
D. Hybrid bike

18- What is a velo-mobile?
A. A type of bike pump
B. A bike tool kit
C. A streamlined, covered recumbent bike
D. A mobile app for bike routes

19- What does the term “gravel bike” stand for?
A. A bike specifically designed for beach races
B. A versatile bike suitable for both unpaved roads and asphalt
C. A mountain bike with extra wide tires
D. A road bike with a single-gear system

20- Which innovation in the bike field is attributed to the Wright brothers?
A. The first flying bike
B. The first electric bike
C. The self-stabilizing bike wheel
D. The first bike rental company

21- What is the main function of spokes in a bike wheel?
A. Decoration
B. To support the wheel and distribute the weight
C. To make noise to warn pedestrians
D. To reduce wind resistance

22- What is a “musette” in the context of cycling?
A. A type of bike bell
B. A feed bag that riders receive during the race
C. A small tool bag
D. A lightweight rain jacket

23- In which country was the first bike path constructed?
A. France
B. The Netherlands
C. United States
D. Germany

24- Which term describes using a bike for daily transportation needs, such as commuting to work or the store?
A. Downhilling
B. BMX’ing C.
Bike commuting
D. Cross-country biking


Correct answers to the bike quiz are:

1.B. For the environment

2:B. The Netherlands

3:B. 50 times

4:C. The draisine

5:C. The front wheel was much larger than the rear wheel

6:B. About 2 billion

7:C. Around 122,432 km

8:A. Bicycle Motocross

9:B. John Kemp Starley

10:C. The pneumatic tire

11:C. A main group of riders

12:B. Tweed Run

13:C. A bike with a fixed gear

14:C. 1903

15:B. For strength and lightweight

16:C. A short, fast race on a closed circuit

17:B. Recumbent bike

18:C. A streamlined, covered recumbent bike

19:B. A versatile bike suitable for both unpaved roads and asphalt

20:C. The self-stabilizing bike wheel

21:B. To support the wheel and distribute weight

22:B. A feed bag that riders receive during the race

23:C. United States

24:C. Bike commuting

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