Fresh, tasty and fast for a good price.

With around 10.000 restaurants to choose from in Barcelona, there is more than plenty of choice.

Barcelona is also famous for its many-star restaurants. The city is home to more than 20 different restaurants all with at least one star.

But even better is that there are so many good cheap restaurants with great healthy food. But on some days you just feel like fast food, here are my favorite Fresh delicious fast food restaurants in Barcelona. From amazing Mexican street-style food but also the most amazing gourmet burgers.

 Most of these places work together with Glovo delivery services in case you might want your food brought to you wherever you are in town.

El Pachuco, my long-time favorite is this little charming place with amazing  Mexican street food. Prices are good and for €12 you will have your hunger settled.

And not to be forgotten are the cocktails like the frozen mango Margarita or the Michelada. Also very popular with locals.

 There is often a small waiting line. They take your name and ask to come back in 20 minutes. If you go before Spanish lunchtime (14.00h) or dinner time (20.00h) it is not yet as busy.  Since two years they opened also La Pachuca in the Gothic area. Handy to know, cash only!

Great interior, amazing street food, must try cocktails.

Under 12 €
Bacoa burgers Barcelona

Born in Barcelona, Bacoa is based on two fundamental principles: hand-made quality and patience. They are passionate about using premium ingredients and, cooking everything by hand. Whether it’s homemade sauces, vegan veggie burgers, or hand-rolled buns. It is probably one of the better burger places in town. They have multiple restaurants situated in the city center. Below my favorite one by the beach.

Bacoa Barceloneta, Calle del Judici, 15, 08003 Barcelona

Under 12  €

picture of the restaurant Maoz Vegetarian in Barcelona
Under 6€
Picture of the restaurant Wok to Walk in Barcelona
Pictures of the restaurant Taco Alto Raval, Barcelona
Picture of the restaurant Poké Maoli in Barcelona
Food, Las-fritas Barcelona
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