Not only cheap - but cool places to eat in barcelona

Looking for cheap (but great) food places in BCN?

Best affordable restaurants and cool places to eat in Barcelona. If you want to enjoy good food in Barcelona and want it to be a cool place also, it certainly doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The city is a treasure trove of affordable eateries for all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Spanish dishes, international dishes or quick bites, Barcelona offers a plethora of options for foodies on a budget. Below our favorites.

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN - Honest greens Barcelona

Cheap eats Barcelona! Are you looking for Cheap (but great) food places in BCN? Honest Greens is not just a restaurant; it’s a movement. Embracing the mantra “Eat Real,” this culinary destination is a haven for those seeking a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste. Their philosophy is simple yet profound: eat real food, ethically sourced, organic whenever possible, and free from artificial preservatives, additives, or refined sugars.

The menu at Honest Greens is a testament to their commitment to natural, wholesome eating. It’s a celebration of vegetables, free-range meat, whole grains, and seeds, prepared in a way that honors the integrity of each ingredient. The chefs at Honest Greens are not just cooks; they’re creative artists who regularly update the menu, ensuring a fresh and exciting dining experience every time.

Their mission is clear: to make healthy living affordable, convenient, and delicious. By democratizing healthy food, Honest Greens is leading what they call the “real food revolution,” helping people live longer, better lives. Whether you’re a health enthusiast or just someone looking for a delicious meal, Honest Greens offers an experience that’s both nourishing and delightful.

For those exploring Barcelona on a budget, Honest Greens is a must-visit. Personaly my all time cheap eats favorite in Barcelona.

Honest Greens Plaça Catalunya
Honest Greens Born
Honest Greens Tuset
Honest Greens Beach
€6 – €15

Where to find the best budget restaurants in Barcelona?

Een foto van eten van Lekker en goedkoop eten in Barcelona

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona, this gem offers a unique fusion of flavors, combining traditional dishes with a modern twist. The ambiance at EatMyTrip is both cozy and chic, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely brunch or a vibrant evening out. The presentation of the food is a feast for the eyes, with vibrant colors and artistic plating that make every meal Instagram-worthy. The cocktail menu at EatMyTrip is equally impressive.

Located in the Eixample area, 500m away from Casa Batllo. Eat My Trip offers Fusion breakfast, brunch, and lunch, the specialty is coffee and, eco homemade cakes! The menu is very complete and prices are fair.

8€ – 18€


Carrer del Consell de Cent, 378, 08009 Barcelona


Avinguda de la Riera de Cassoles 56, 08012, Barcelona


Rambla del Poblenou, 27 08005, Barcelona

5€ – 12€

cheap eats Barcelona

El-Pachuco Mexican restaurant

Great food in Barcelona, El Pachuco, located in the heart of Barcelona, is a vibrant Taquería and Mezcalería that promises an authentic Mexican dining experience. This bustling spot is renowned for its wide array of market-fresh tacos, an extensive selection of mezcales, Mexican beers, micheladas, and house cocktails.

The ambiance at El Pachuco is lively and inviting, making it an ideal destination for both locals and tourists seeking a taste of Mexico in Barcelona. The menu features a variety of tacos that are both traditional and innovative, catering to all taste preferences. Each taco is a burst of flavor, showcasing the richness of Mexican cuisine.

What makes El Pachuco stand out is its dedication to authenticity and quality. The mezcales and tequilas offered are carefully selected to represent the best of Mexican spirits, providing an excellent complement to the food. The micheladas and cocktails are crafted with precision, offering a refreshing and unique drinking experience.

El Pachuco’s no-reservation policy and its convenient location in El Raval make it an easy choice for a spontaneous culinary adventure. Open daily, with extended hours on weekends, it’s a perfect spot for a late-night bite or a leisurely afternoon meal. Whether you’re craving delicious tacos or looking to explore Mexican beverages, El Pachuco is a budget-friendly gem that shouldn’t be missed in Barcelona.

El Pachuco, C/ de Sant Pau, 110, 08001 Barcelona

6€ – 15€

Cheap food Barcelona and Fresh

Lekkere fast food in Barcelona

Looking for delicious cheap food in Barcelona? Bacoa Burgers in Barcelona offers a delightful culinary experience for burger enthusiasts. This burger joint is well known for making everything fresh, and for its unique approach to crafting burgers, earning a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Tripadvisor.

What sets Bacoa apart is its commitment to quality and customization. The menu boasts a variety of options, catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, including vegetarian choices. The vegetarian burger is amazing if you want the feeling you are eating a real burger! The restaurant’s focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Bacoa Universitat, Ronda de la Univ., 31, 08007 Barcelona

5€ – 12€

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN

Een foto van eten van Gezond eten aan goede prijs in Barcelona4

Green Vita stands out as a beacon of health and flavor in Barcelona’s vibrant culinary landscape. This chain of healthy food restaurants is dedicated to cooking with natural, grilled ingredients, ensuring every dish is not only delicious but also nourishing. Their philosophy of “eat well, live well” is evident in every aspect of their offerings.

With multiple locations across Barcelona, including Mataró Parc, Diagonal Mar, Westfield Glòries, and more, GreenVita makes healthy eating accessible to everyone. Whether you’re near the bustling World Trade Center or enjoying a day out at Splau or Sant Cugat, a GreenVita restaurant is never too far away.

What sets GreenVita apart is its commitment to using only natural ingredients. This focus on quality and health doesn’t mean a compromise on taste. Each dish is a testament to the fact that healthy food can be incredibly flavorful and satisfying. From their signature grilled dishes to innovative salads and wraps, there’s something for every palate.

Av. Diagonal, 3 Centro Comercial Diagonal Mar, Local 13, 08019 Barcelona

10 € – 15 €

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN

Heerlijk eten in Barcelona

Nestled in the heart of Barcelona’s Plaza Real, Les Quinze Nits stands as a beacon of culinary delight, offering an experience that transcends mere dining. As one of the pioneering members of the esteemed Andilana family, this iconic restaurant is not just about food; it’s about an atmosphere that captivates your senses.

From its magical interior design to the much-sought-after terrace, Les Quinze Nits wraps you in an ambiance of charm and warmth. The restaurant is adorned with touches of elegance, such as carnations on the tables and cotton tablecloths, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere. 

Les Quinze Nits is a haven for food lovers, offering a menu that celebrates the richness of Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you’re starting your day in Barcelona or looking for the perfect place to end it, this restaurant should be a must-visit on your itinerary. 

Pl. Reial, 6, 08002 Barcelona

7€ – 25€

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN

Een foto van eten van Gezond eten aan goede prijs in Barcelona

Viet Kitchen in Barcelona is a delightful Vietnamese street food restaurant that embodies the passion and culinary heritage of its founders, Hoang from Vietnam and Emanuele from Italy. The idea of Viet Kitchen sprouted while watching a Nigella TV show, but the heart of the restaurant is deeply rooted in the vibrant culture and energy of Barcelona.

The restaurant offers an authentic and cozy dining experience, where guests can indulge in fresh, healthy, and authentic Vietnamese dishes, many of which are inspired by Hoang’s mother’s recipes.

What sets Viet Kitchen apart is its commitment to authenticity and quality. Many of the ingredients are handmade, ensuring that each dish is not only fresh but also packed with genuine flavors. The menu caters to a variety of dietary preferences, including numerous vegetarian and vegan options, making it an inclusive spot for all food lovers.

Carrer D’Aribau , 137, 08036 Barcelona

12€ – 22€

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN

Lekker eten in Barcelona

In the heart of Barcelona, Brunch & Cake offers an experience that goes beyond just dining. Founded in 2010 as Cup & Cake, a quaint coffee and cake shop, it quickly evolved into Brunch & Cake in 2012 due to its overwhelming success. The founder, Manex, has dedicated his life to creating inviting environments and wholesome foods, emphasizing ‘Grandma’s Goodness’ in every dish.

Brunch & Cake is not just a restaurant; it’s a philosophy of passion and generosity. Every dish is crafted with the finest ingredients, organic produce, and authentic recipes, ensuring that each bite is as wholesome as your grandmother would make. The restaurant prides itself on its environmentally friendly approach and local sourcing, ensuring that every meal is not just delicious but also responsible.

Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 5, 08003 Barcelona 

Passatge Madoz, 6, 08002 Barcelona

7 € – 18 €

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN

Pinchos from the restaurant Blai 9

Blai 9 offers an authentic and budget-friendly dining experience. This charming tapas bar, renowned for its cozy ambiance, offers a delightful escape into the world of Spanish gastronomy.

The restaurant specializes in top-notch pintxos and tapas, presented in an original and inviting format. From the perfectly cooked churros to the exquisite Spanish tapas and pintxos, including smoked salmon, the menu is a celebration of flavors and textures.

Blai 9, Carrer de Blai 9, 08004 Barcelona

2€ – 10€

Cheap (but great) food places in BCN

Pizza en Pasta El Nap

Nap is a proud member of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, NAP Restaurantes. it’s Pizza transports you straight to the heart of Italy.

At NAP, every pizza is a masterpiece, crafted with passion and adherence to traditional Neapolitan techniques. The pizzas are baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, ensuring a delightful blend of crispy crust, melted cheese, and vibrant flavors in every bite. The menu offers a variety of choices, including classic Margherita, richly topped Capricciosa, and an array of vegetarian options, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

What sets NAP apart is its commitment to authenticity. Each pizza is a testament to the rich culinary history of Naples, made with the freshest ingredients and a lot of heart.

NAP Mar, C. del Baluard, 69, 08003 Barcelona

Av. de Francesc Cambó, 30, 08003 Barcelona

6€ – 14€

If you’re interested in exploring more culinary delights, consider checking out our article on tapas in Barcelona, or delve into our post about fresh and delicious fast food options in the city.

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