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Perry Tours offers unique and fun experiences for people who want to experience the vibrant city of Barcelona, all while exploring Barcelona’s iconic sights on a bicycle.

On our daily guided bike tour in Barcelona, we take you on a remarkable journey through the Highlights of Barcelona, giving you a unique perspective and a better understanding of its rich cultural and historical significance.

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Perry Tours emphasizes the importance of sustainability and cultural sensitivity. We strive to leave a positive impact and encourage our customers to do the same.

Perry Tours Barcelona


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What sets Perry Tours apart is our team of enthusiastic city guides who are not only well-versed in the history of Barcelona but are also passionate storytellers.

They engage our customers with fun anecdotes, local insights, and valuable tips, making every tour an educational and entertaining adventure. Our guides bring the city to life and connect visitors to the heart and soul of Barcelona.

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About Perry Tours Barcelona

Our tours go beyond the typical tourist experience and offer customers the opportunity to discover the city from a fresh and authentic perspective.

During our tours we like a nice balance between the cultural and historical significance of the city. This combined with stops at Barcelona’s most iconic locations as well as some hidden gems known only to the locals

About Perry Tours
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City guide and founder

Hola! My name is Perry, your city guide and the creative mind behind Perry Tours. For over two decades, I’ve been calling this spectacular city my home. My journey as a city guide has been amazing, and it’s with great passion that we extend our love for Barcelona through our daily guided bicycle tours in Barcelona.

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